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Map Information [09/03/2019] [Squads / 5-Man #3] [BETA]

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Squads / 5-Man #3 [BETA]:
  • Squads / 5-Man #3 [BETA] SOTW: 09/03/2019 - 3PM EST / 8PM GMT(BST) / 12PM PST
  • Squads / 5-Man #3 [BETA] EOTW: 23/03/2019 - 3PM EST / 8PM GMT(BST) / 12PM PST

SOTW Information:
  • Starting Timer: 1 Hour, 30 Minutes (No SOTW Timer).
Map Information:
  • Ally: DISABLED
  • Golden Apples have a ten second cooldown.
  • God Apples have a three hour cooldown.
  • 30 Minute PvP Timer.
  • Map Size: 3500 x 3500 (Custom Map ;))
  • Wilderness starts 1000 blocks from 0,0.
  • End Portals are located at 750, 750, each quadrant.
  • [COLOR=rgb(250, 197...

SylphHCF Claiming Guide

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Hello there!

I'll be showing you how to get a claim on SylphHCF. Some may think this is quite a confusing process, but just follow the steps and you'll be fine :)

NOTE: Each block in your claim will cost $5. This excludes blocks in the Y axis.

  • Step 1: Find the spot you want to claim for your faction.
  • Step 2: Ensure your faction balance is enough for at least a 5x5 claim. For a 5x5 claim, you will need $125.
  • Step 3: Do /f claim and tap the block you want to be as your first corner of your claim.

  • Step 4: Tap the block you want to be as the second corner of your claim.

  • Step 5: Sneak and the land will be yours! (When you sneak and the land does not automatically claim, keep sneaking and long hold / left click the claim wand, then the land should be yours.)

  • ...

SylphHCF Map 1 / Crusader

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SylphHCF Map 1 / Crusader

Hello everyone!

Today I will be addressing the launch of SylphHCF.
As you know, Maps on Sylph will have a name. Map 1's name is "Crusader"

SylphHCF Map 1 / Crusader Release:

07/30/17 - 1PM EST

SOTW Information:

  • SOTW Timer: 2 Hours
  • ALL PvP will be disabled.

Map Kit:

Any enchantments not stated are at different levels.
  • Protection II / 2
  • Sharpness II / 2
  • Power IV / 4

KOTH Items:
  • Protection III / 3
  • Sharpness III / 3
  • Power V / 5


Any potions not stated are at default levels.
  • Slowness (1:07 Only): Enabled
  • Poison (0:33 Only): Enabled
  • Regeneration: Enabled
  • Weakness: Disabled...

SylphHCF Rules

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SylphHCF Rules

Beforehand, I want to thank you for taking your time to read the rules we enforce on the server and we hope that you follow them as well. I'll go through each rule and give some basic information on it and what the punishment may be if you break the rule. Although, punishments would vary accordingly. It is your responsibility to read these rules, if you fail to follow the rules you will be punished with the correct procedure.

Global Rules:

  • Unfair Advantages - The use of any sort of Illegal Modification, such as X-Ray, Hacked Clients or AutoClickers are NOT allowed. Use of any of these advantages will result in a permanent ban, without any warnings.
  • Advertising - This includes the advertisement of any server, whether it be your own or somebody else’s. Advertising a user’s IP is not allowed either. You will only have one...

HCF Guide for Beginners

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When you die, you get deathbanned. This means you are banned from the server for a certain amount of time. Your deathban time depends on your rank.

‘Lives’ can be used to bypass deathbans. Lives can be purchased in packages, but they also come with ranks. See /revive.

When you are hit by a player, you are put into ‘Spawn-Tag’ or 'Combat Tag'. If you are spawn tagged, you cannot run into safe zones. Also, commands are limited. PvP is enabled outside of ‘safe-zones’. When in combat you cannot ender pearl into a safe-zone! Be careful!

When you die you are given a ‘PvP Timer’ which lasts for one hour. When you have a PvP Timer enabled you are not allowed to enter faction claims, including your own. Therefore you cannot /f home whilst PvP timer is enabled. If you want to remove your PvP timer, execute the command /pvp enable. BE CAREFUL! PvP will be disabled for you whilst your PvP Timer is active, so other players can’t kill you.

There are very few commands on HCF...


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Crowbars can be purchased from the in-game /shop. They cost $15,000 and are specialized for breaking two blocks - Monster Spawners and End Portals!
You can use a crowbar to break 1 monster spawner or 6 end portals. Once you have broken a monster spawner, the crowbar breaks. But when you use your crowbar to break one end portal, the durability decreases by a factor of 6 and eventually breaks when you use it for the sixth time on an end portal.