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Jun 12, 2017
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To Fix:
  1. Fix bucketing mechanisms since the new worlds broke it.
  2. The side GUI can be positioned quite badly for some people.
  3. We have to re-balance protection and sharpness. A leather with a stone axe can literally quickdrop a full diamond in p2. [CRITICAL]
  4. Hits register really fast for some reason. Sometimes it doesnt, I don't know the cause. [CRITICAL]
  5. When a bard uses sugar, they are supposed to get the speed 3 as well. Also, when you do this, make sure that when the speed 3 runs out, the bard gets back the speed 2 from wearing the bard set.
  6. Beacons don't give the specified effect.
  7. People can walk into their faction's claim whilst on pvp timer.
  8. People who are not in factions can walk into any claim whilst on pvp timer.
  9. Players can crowbar the public end portals.
  10. "You have archer tagged Name" gets sent to attacker twice.
  11. When player logs out and logs back in, there is about a 90% chance the player will spawn at spawn.
  12. When you crowbar a spawner, a chest will drop.
  13. Armour does not break
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Jun 11, 2017
  1. Elevators are broken.
  2. You can claim plots on the roads.
  3. I don't know what causes this: When a player has effects that don't show in their effects menu, the server will be frozen untill their effects are cleared.
  4. Just a little edit that needs to be made: /w10da right now = 'Windows 10 will loose 1.00 DTR as compared to 0.5 for pocket edition users.' /w10da is supposed to be: 'If a pocket edition user dies to a windows 10 user, the pocket edition user will loose 0.5 DTR instead of 1.00. This does not apply when a pocket editon user kills a windows 10 user. This also doesn't apply when a windows 10 user kills another windows 10 user'.
  5. You are supposed to receive 5 items from crate keys instead of 2-3: https://store.arcane.cc/category/737116.
  6. Remove /f map and /f motd. They are useless for HCF.
  7. /f stuck teleports you to spawn instead of your faction's /f home.
  8. /f who currently displays the faction the player is in. It is supposed to show that player's faction info. If Muqsit is in Sylph123 faction, and art does /f who Muqsit, it would display the /f info of the Sylph123 faction.
  9. /f stuck time is 600 seconds. It is supposed to be 300. It would be good if you could change it from seconds to actual minutes (5:00).
  10. Make /f list display factions with most amount of players online.
  11. Crowbar-ing a blank spawner gives you a blank spawner. Crowbar-ing a blank spawner should give you either a spider spawner, cave spider spawner, zombie spawner or skeleton spawner.
  12. Add the KOTH Crate. KOTH Key item is a gold nugget. The 5 items per key goes for KOTH Crate as well.
  13. Doing /dev koth crashes the server.
  14. Make /f info, /f show look like this please, it looks so nice.
  15. When you die, your hunger is not replenished.
  16. Crate key chests go invisible when you leave the server and rejoin.
  17. When a player's npc dies, the player will respawn in the same spot.
  18. If a player logs out without doing /logout and they are in a class set(miner, rogue, archer, bard), if the NPC dies and the player respawns, they still have the effects of the class set they were in. I think this is linked to the bug I mentioned above. (They also have the remaining fire ticks and bubbles).
  19. People can /f sethome anywhere. Including other dimensions. You are only allowed to /f sethome in your own claim.
  20. Fortune is semi broken. Fortune 1 is the only level of fortune that works. [UPDATE: ADDED SUPPORT FOR INFINITE FORTUNE LEVELS]
  21. /f stuck is broken. When you /f stuck it says 'Factions You are currently not in a faction.' And I know I previously reported a bug where /f stuck teleports you to spawn, but if you are not in a faction and you do /f stuck, it should teleport you to spawn.
  22. KOTH GUI should be moved to side GUI as Windows10 players can not see the KOTH GUI.
  23. When you win a KOTH you still receive the actual KOTH Crate rewards. You are supposed to receive 2x KOTH keys.
  24. The ID's: 438:18 and 438:26 need to be banned.
  25. Potions are supposed to go through players, as of now they do not.
  26. The maximum length that potions can be thrown needs to be nerfed a bit.
  27. When you go reach the world border, you start forcefully flying away from the world.
  28. You cannot move your head whilst doing /f stuck.
  29. When the Archer archer tags someone, they do not need this. The victim should have a Archer Tag: 00:30 in their GUI (Under Crusader). In chat the Archer who shot the victim will get a message saying 'Player' is archer tagged for 00:30.
  30. The Archer Tag (Blue) does not disappear.
  31. Fortune 3+ doesnt proc every time. Isn't it supposed to? (http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Enchanting#Fortune)
  32. When thrown, XP bottles are not visible.
  33. There are some XP orbs that can't be collected by the player. These don't despawn and can cause lag. In this pic i've been far from those orbs for about 10 mins. They are still there.
  34. TNT needs to be banned.
  35. I don't think the +25% more damage works. We can release without it and add it later on. [Added ;)]
  36. When players are spawn tagged, they can sometimes run back into safezones. To prevent this, you should change the way it prevents players from entering safezones. You should make it like how the border prevents players from going any further.
  37. Players can shoot themselves.
  38. When a leader /f disbands, they do not get the money in their faction balance.
  39. Most of spawn is not protected. Same with end, but I don't know about nether.
  40. When a Archer or Rogue uses sugar, the server crashes.
  41. I explained the Archer bug incorrectly. The Archer who shoots the player does not get "Archer Tag" in their GUI. The player who got shot does.
  42. Players get combat tagged from any type of damage. You can only get combat tagged from PvP damage.
  43. E-Pearling onto players does not work.
  44. If you get shot whilst archer tagged, the timer doesn't go back up to 00:30
  45. Because of the protection in end, players can't go through end exit
  46. Give kits a 3 day cooldown.
  47. Similar to how you fixed anvil crowbar repairing, you will need to prevent players from using anvils to combine items to get enchantment levels higher than protection 2 and sharpness 2.
  48. When you die of fall damage and respawn, you are spawned in the same position you died.
  49. When you die "swimming in lava" and respawn, you are spawned on the same position you died.
  50. When you leave a road, you do not get the 'Now entering: Wilderness / Warzone'.
  51. Doing /kit <name> crashes the server.
  52. When you finish the claiming process, the claim wand is not removed from your inventory. People can relog and do the claiming process again, but the land won't be claimed. The stone and glass will still show though.
  53. When a player does /f claim without tapping their first position, and relogs, the claiming wand is still in their inventory.
  54. Players can place blocks on roads.
  55. Flame works on faction members.
  56. When a player's npc dies, his / her faction do not loose DTR.
  57. Claiming is broken. But when you sneak, it removes the wand from your inventory.
  58. When you go through end you are supposed to be teleported to 300, 71, 0. As of now you are teleported to spawn.
  59. When you are deathbanned or sent to the hub for any reason, you end up being stuck on Building Terrain.
  60. Protection 2 is WAY too op. With Sharp 2 Swords, we don't even do damage to each other.
  61. People are saying that some features from toolbox work on Sylph, I don't use my android so I haven't got to test this one.
  62. REQUEST: Make crops grow at a decently fast rate.
  63. Smoothen out enderpearls, when they are thrown, they are thrown at some sort of angle.
  64. There's a bug with /logout where it says that the player is already logging out and they are not.
  65. Add protection to spawn where people can't take items out of item frame, open trapdoors, or hoe the grass (In End as well, the End GFX is gone :/) [CRITICAL]
  66. Protect Overworld KOTH. [CRITICAL]
  67. Make it so 2 of the same player can not be on the server at once. [CRITICAL]
  68. You can archer tag faction members.
  69. You only loose DTR if you die to a player. You are supposed to loose DTR if you die, period. [CRITICAL]
  70. You can e-pearl through fencegates (untested)
  71. The anti-cheat REALLY NEEDS TO CALM DOWN. It's literally kicking people for flying for sprint jumping.. [CRITICAL] As annoying as it is, it still works. Anyway, there's no way to remove this anti-cheat as it is hard coded into PocketMine. You'll need to wait until 1.2.
  72. When people attempt to run into a claim with pvp-timer on, they end up getting stuck on the edge of the claim. [SEMI-CRITICAL]
  73. Kits are glitched (We should remove the 1 kit every 12 hours thing). [CRITICAL]
  74. When people stand right next to a block, they can pearl right through it. [CRITICAL]
  75. When a player is in another claim and they tap a fencegate and quickly walk backwards, they can be teleported through the fencegates. [CRITICAL]
  76. Spawners are broken (We need to buff enderman and creeper spawn rate).
  77. String can't be placed in the air by itself, they need a block under supporting it, please fix this.
  78. Nerf Enderman damage. They literally 2 shot a full protection 2 diamond (Lets just make Endermen stationary).
  79. Make KOTH show in whatever dimension your in. [Needed]
  80. When you fix the NBT dupe, change the crate key NBT. (TODO: Remove this fix hack when 1.2 rolls out).
  81. When a player /f disbands without unclaiming their plot, the land becomes glitched and if you try to re-claim it, it will take your money and say successfully claimed, but others will be able to mine and open chests etc.
  82. Fortune doesn't work on diamonds. (Including Fortune V).
  83. Ores don't drop XP.
  84. If you brew potions, and take the pots outta brewing stand and go far away and return, the pots will still be there.
  85. Sometimes, when a player logs out without doing /logout, their NPC won't spawn and when they log back on, they will be at spawn.
  86. NPC timers are broken.
  87. NPCs are un-killable (tested).
  88. When player mines block in another persons claim, they get the block in their inventory (NOTE: You have to be outside of the claim for this to work). [SEMI-CRITICAL]
  89. Fixed fencegates turning into dirt/diorite/grass when you tap them in your claim.
  90. Fixed fencegates turning into bedrock when you tap them in a factions claim.
  91. Fixed players loosing 2.00 DTR when they die to another player.
  92. Crates go invisible at spawn (Not important).
  93. Iron Pressure Plates and Gold Pressure Plates do not press down anymore, they cause an annoying repetitive sound, and will prevens things being broken with elevators and redstone.
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